Hey all, been a while!

My drummer has an old Teisco guitar form the 70s sitting in his basement. Ya know, the ones that look like the lovechild of a Jaguar and a Firebird? Yeah, well it was involved in a flood. Thankfully, the wood is in good shape, but the electronics are shot, it has broken/missing tuners, and no bridge. This will basically be my first restoration project.

My plan is to replace the mini-bucker with an SD Antiquity, which I will re-cover with the guitar's original pickup cover . It will be getting all new electronics, so a new tone knob, volume knob, and a new input jack/ground.

I don't have a plan for tuners, but after measuring the slots I'll probably end up just replacing them with some GFS 6 in-line tuners with white plastic knobs.

The bridge is where I'm stumped. I can see the original mounting holes for the original bridge, but because there were SOOOO many different guitars that all seemed to be exactly the same thing, yet really weren't, back in the 70s it's impossible to figure out what the original bridge was. I figure a TOM would be easiest to install and account for the space between the top of the guitar and the neck (the neck stands up about 1/8" from the guitar's top. Same for the pickup). Am I right in this thinking, and what kind of measurements/maths will I have to do to figure out where I need to install the bridge for proper intonation?

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For intonation, measure from the nut (body side edge) to the middle of the fret wire on the 12th fret. Take that measurement and double it. That's your scale length and is the distance from the nut to the saddles of your bridge. Make sure that you centre your saddles before marking the position so that you have room for adjustments in both directions.

If you are using a TOM then you need to consider the height of the bridge and the corresponding neck height and angle. If it's a bolt on neck, you can use shims to create a neck angle. If not, you may need to recess the bridge.

This thread should help you work out your measurements https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=997916&highlight=neck+pocket+tutorial
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Good luck mate!
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