Is there anyway I can tune/play with my amp to make my electric sound anything remotely like a bass guitar? Our band didn't have a bass player, so I'm saving up to buy a bass guitar - but until then I would like to practise as well as possible.

I think you can do this using a detuner. I've tried this with my digitech rp155 and it sounds like a bass guitar but don't expect it to sound that great.
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How exactly does a detuner work? (sorry, if this is a silly question).

Also, I heard using an octave pedal can do an alright (obviously not perfect, but that's not to be expected) job. Is this the case? And if so, do you think any of the following could do a suitable enough job (I'm on a budget, seeing I'm saving for an actual bass).


Octave pedal down one octave - the white stripes do it in 7 nation army (there's no bass just a guitar)

EDIT: it won't actually sound/feel that much like a bass though, best way to get a bass feel is to get a bass
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yup an octaver will work fine, just drop it down one octave....

I do this when I wite with the other guitarist, to make up for the bassist, and to kind of write a bass line for him.... obviously ist don't sound perfect but it works okay for just jamming.

also I know it isn't a huge differnece but playing bass on a real bass guitar is kind of strange when you've been practicing on guitar, the frets are much further apart, I find that I can't move off two strings whil playing a real bass just because I'm constantly trying to get a feel for how far apart the notes I want are.....
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Nah you can't if you were just looking for a shitty bass sound yh you can use an octave pedal and all that shit but you cannot replicate the feel and tone of a bass on guitar.
For example, play a single note on bass, you get a pretty full cool, powerful sound, play a single bass note on guitar, it sounds pretty weak and nasal. Plus think of it this way, the thinnest string on a bass guitar is about .45 or .50 look at the fattest string on your guitar, well you get me right?

Bass guitar is technically not hard to play all that much but it's a completely different beast.
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Sweet. So just drop it down one octave and it should be fine for practise (no gigging until September and I'll have an actual bass by then!). Are any of those above pedals good enough for this?
Octave pedal/digitech whammy.

Can't you wait till September?


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Octave pedal/Digitech Whammy is the way to go, barring insanely heavy and impractical modifications to your guitar.
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It'll work. And you can even get some decent tones if you know what you're doing. There's a track on my profile ('Killer') that I've used the octave effect to get the bass tone for.
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