I have been looking over many of the online lesson packages. There are so many! So far, I like Marty Schwartz the best. One year access to his site is $139, which works out to be cheaper than most of the others. I know Justinguitar is free with donations but I find the lessons are a little dull. Marty also has hundreds of good videos on Youtube. It seems like his focus is the beginner because he spells out almost everything including strumming patters. He pitches his products alot on the videos to generate business with is fine with me because he is giving you a high quality instructional video.

Any thoughts on Marty Schwartz and the other online sources?
Probably it's a matter of personal taste, but I find Justin's lessons more reliable and it's free. Besides Marty always looks like he got high before his every video lesson.
Justin is awesome, I find Marty irritating, he goes off on tangents, doesnt really explain everything and generally seems like hes pissing about
I also think that Justin is very good and cheap if you do not want to donate. However, I find that his lessons while technically good are not much fun. He is very personable but still I find that the content is a little dry. I know that Marty goes off on tangents sometimes but I am okay with that since i am not looking to become a professional guitarist. I am primarily trying to have some fun. I also like that puts some very good instructional videos on Youtube for free. I am not sure if he high or not. I think he is just a goofy kind of guy who is trying to sell a product.
I like Marty more - probably because I've "known him" longer - and he's taught me a lot of songs (my favorite being Billionaire). That being said, Justinguitar.com impresses me because it's really free (if you need it to be) and if you look properly you'll notice he's bee nrecommended by Steve Vai! Big plus for me!

Anyways, I'd lean more towards JustinGuitar for technical lessons and Marty for a quick song tutorial on Youtube.
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