Hello! For my college work i had to record 8 minutes worth of music that then had to be fully mixed and mastered to go on our groups "album", and this was one of the songs i decided to record.

For those unaware of the original, here it is:

I personally have a few issues with my track, (timing issues, volume of guitars, etc) but im being picky!

Here is the link to my track:

I would appreciate comments and crits on it. Thanks!
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I love this song but this style is not exactly my cup of tea. It was a pretty cool take on the song though and I like that lol. It's good to actually see someone cover a song and kind of make it their own rather than just taking a song trying to make it as close to the original artist's version as possible.
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Thats exactly why i love covers, you get to see songs in a different way and i wanted to try and do that in my cover. I was going to try and add on "nobody not even the rain" to the end of this recording but we didnt have enough time to at college before we had to mix and master.

Thanks for your reply!