[UK] FS/FT - TC Hall of Fame Reverb, T-Rex Dr. Swamp MK2 Dual Overdrive/Distortion

Havin' a mini-clearout.

TC Electronics Hall of Fame -
You know all about this, bloody brilliant reverb pedal with more reverb than anyone could ever need. Partly the reason I'm selling it, just don't need this many reverbs! It's totally mint, might as well be brand new. Boxed with all papers and that all-important USB cable.
£95 Posted.

T. Rex Dr. Swamp Dual Overdrive/Distortion -
This is the more recent 'MK 2' version, with independent tone for each channel. This is a great pedal, two independent gain channels with some clever switching (you can turn it on/off from either channel, or instantly swap to the other.) Gets real clean and sparkly but can also get super dirty too. Great Marshall-esque tones in this one.
These MK 2 versions are £147 new as far as I can tell and again, this one is minty so it's yours for £100 Posted.

Trade-wise, I'm only looking for an EHX Holy Grail and a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET.
If you have either of these and want one or both of my pedals, PM me and we can work something out!