Hi there, I play guitar for a long time each day with headphones connected to my Vox VT40+ because I can't really play my amp out loud too much. I also suffer from bad neck pain/strain from playing guitar with my heavy Beyerdynamic DT100's. They sound awesome but from extensive looking down at fretboard while craning my neck to keep these heavy headphones on my head. So basically seeing if there is a better option out there for me.

I want to find something that is a lot lighter and more comfortable but still sounds great. Do in ear headphones like these http://ultimateears.com/en-gb/products/700 work well for guitar amp or not? My budget is probably around the £100 mark. Just offer suggestions and I will see about the price.

Thanks in advance.
mate buy some citronic headphones they're only about £35 and they are top notch you can push them to 11
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Sennheiser PX100 headphones are pretty much the best cans ever made in terms of price/performance. They're ultralight and portable too, so you can plug 'em into your mp3 player when you're out and about. I even wear mine in light rain.
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Sennheiser PX100. or PMX90 if you prefer neckbands (and will settle with a little less).
Awesome portability and sound in both.

I don't advise you use in-ear earphones, the sound will lose its bass end in 70% of them due to the tiny speakers.
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Sennheiser is a great brand when it comes to headphones, but for guitar playing, I think the HD 280 model would be better for use with a guitar amplifier because of their frequency response.