I bought a used Fender Princeton Chorus (its a 50 watt, 2x10 solid state) because I need a really good clean tone on the cheap, and since I usually play jazz nowadays, I wasn't looking to drop a whole lot of money on tubes for distortion. I love the clean tone, but the dirty sound is a couple of notches below useable, and my good distortion amp got stolen a while back. I know most distortion pedals don't work well with solid state. Can anyone recommend a good distortion pedal for my amp, since I plan on starting up a rock band in the fall?
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Sans amp Paradriver. It added some warmth to my old Fender solid state, and can deliver any tone from a nice blues, to serious metal. Look it up on musicians friend, sweetwater or something.
I bought a blackstar HT series the other day, it's a pretty nice sounding pedal and contains a preamp valve - might get you a nice warm tone. I picked mine up for £56 on ebay which is almost reasonable, haha.
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