Evening all!

Ok, so i'm running my guitar into a Line 6 Gearbox GX, which goes straight into my mac. Recording onto reaper is no problem here (albeit the tone's a bit digital).

Now, I recently got a Spider Valve (mk.1 212) for cheap, and noticed it had a "balanced direct out" which is awesome, as now I can record with the amp tone. Connected the guitar to the amp, the amp (via XLR) to the gearbox, and gearbox to mac.

It all works, and the tone is sweet with one problem - the signal is too quiet! I have to compress and boost the signal to record it at audible level - but then the tone is gone!

Checked the guitar, amp, gearbox, mac and all leads and I can't find any fault separately - so the question is:

Why is the signal so quiet? Your help is greatly appreciated!
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