so yea are there any models that are know to be better quality than others? i want to keep my budget under like 600 bucks and i am not that good with restoring guitars or anything and im also looking to play black keys and white stripes kind of stuff with it along with some cage the elephant and mabey clean blues
Epiphone Sheraton 2
Takamine Jasmine J33?
60's J bass copy (trying to sell or trade)
fender mustang 1
Victoria Regal II
big muff
seed of life overdrive

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Make this guy an offer, I doubt he'd want much for it, he just found this thing in the trash!


To my eye it looks like a 1962 Tiesco SS-4L... With Gibson crudely painted on the headstock.
ESP Eclipse I CTM FR
LTD H1007 FR

ESP Surveyor

Line 6 Pod HD500

Wanted: ESP XJ-6, ESP Classic 400 Strat/Tele or ESP Traditional Series Strat/Tele

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