Listen to how the beat is accented?
talk to me
and i better not hear a word
do me baby
i better not feel it girl
i still got one bullet left in my nine
finna do a love crime
love crime
finna do a love crime

lovecrimes -- frank ocean

not many people would write in 2/4 time signature. Its just not practical when you have 4/4 signature available. People usually only use 2/4 time sig (from what ive seen) if theres a riff that finishes half a bar early, so they change the sig for that one bar.
If you think its one of 2/4 or 4/4, id say 4/4 man, altohugh it could easily be written either way
it won't really make a difference if you're playing along, whether it's 2/4 or 4/4, but they're 4/4.
"I specialize in driving a set like I'm driving a Lexus" - Uncle Mez