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But anyways yesterday I got my first Acoustic/Electric guitar! I'm posting now since I didn't have time yesterday. Anyways it's a Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat. I purchased it for $300 and am actually amazed with the sound and playability for the price. Most Fender acoustics I've played this far have been mediocre or pretty terrible until now.

Long Review:
Story/Background:I'm a fan of Tim Armstrong and Fender's electric stuff however I'm still not to big of a fan of their acoustic stuff. But I had read some pretty good things online about it and saw one of my favorite vocalists Jason Lancaster of Go Radio use it in an acoustic version of a few songs. It was then that I decided to go to my local Guitar Center to try it out alongside many other guitars. I took along with me two of my good friends who are local musicians who have been playing for quite a while to help me test stuff out.

Floor Model:I played the floor model and it had a good tone coming from the solid Mahogany top and body (The highs are almost compressed but the overall tone sounds great). It wasn't very loud however considering the body size. Plugged in it sounded a lot better than I expected and really replicated an acoustic sound. The factory set up was actually very nice but still could be adjusted to my liking.

Inventory Model:It was then I asked the salesman to bring out any from the back if they had any. There was only 1. This one however had at least a three times better overall sound. (This shows that there IS inconsistency within these guitars) Both of my friends agreed with me on that. The set up was still a factory set up but was even better than the floor model and the plugged in tone was even better than the floor model. This was the one I purchased and I'm glad I did it has a great tone and a solid build. My friend then used it for his show later on that night and it preformed beautifully.

Short Review:
Overall:8 (Although it suits me well and I really like it there are still better)
Features:9 (Could have a more variety in the EQ but really doesn't need it)
Sound:9 (Great unplugged and plugged in tone but it's not perfect and 10 is perfect)
Action:8 (Could be adjusted to your liking but the factory set up is pretty good)
Reliability:8 (The tuning heads are plastic besides that it is actually a very solid guitar)
Impression:8 (The fret markings I could do without but it still has a pretty cool vibe)

So if you're starting acoustic guitar I'd definitely suggest this to you(but be careful seeing as they're inconsistent in their make) or if you're a musician that can't afford to drop thousands on an acoustic like me, I think this is for you.
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You probably should have waited a little while and posted a review about it
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You probably should have waited a little while and posted a review about it

Touche good sir... but this isn't the first time playing this model I've spent a pretty fair amount of time on it before buying. And most things aren't going to suddenly change on it. However like I mentioned these guitars seem to be pretty inconsistent in their make.
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congrats on your new guitar! i'm very jealous - i wanted to get it as a "sitting on the stand" guitar because it's great sounding for a thin body solid top, but the lower bout was just a little too big and hurt my shoulder when playing for more than 15 minutes.

i think most of your opinions mirror mine - i also felt that the factory action was pretty nice - except for one thing. tuning heads on many guitars including some that cost thousands are plastic, and i've seen plenty of old plastic tuning heads that are over 40 years old. i wouldn't have taken a point off for that.

i have found that all guitars are inconsistent to a degree because wood is an organic material. even when i bought my taylor gc8, which is over two grand, they brought out another one so i could compare. you could tell with your eyes closed that they were 2 different guitars, but the sales guy liked one of the gc8's while i liked the other.
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When you give the features a 9, are you scoring that based on the amount of features or the quality of features?

My Taylor only has Bass, Treble and Volume but I'd have to give the Expression System a 10.