Audience & Audio PR was established by Media Essentials founder, Lewis Abbey, and photographer, Dave Hudson, in May 2011.

What do Audience & Audio PR do?
Audience & Audio PR is designed to help support emerging acts and musicians with their on-line presence.

The A&A team have established contacts, knowledge and understanding of the music industry after working in Record Labels, Event Promotion Agencies and Photography Companies. These establishments have allowed ourselves to help promote and provide the best possible service for our clients.

We transpire our experience into your future. We do this by providing press releases, distributing material to media sites, arranging interviews, conducting photo shoots and establishing promotional videos.

What are Audience & Audio PR services?

Social Media Marketing
We can provide advice regarding social networking activities that include Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or various other platforms. We help you decide what suits you best, whether that being a launch of your band, promotion of studio material or establishment of an event.

Visual Support and Design
We help build the image that will suit you best. Our team are capable of providing website support, photo shoots, live shoots, promotional videos and other marketable material that will attract fans, customers or clients visually.

Online Press Campaigns
Audience & Audio PR have established themselves with several online media sites, which include The Guardian, NME, Drowned In Sound, Rock Sound, etc, as well as building their clientele with distributing agencies. The team are able to distribute your music, provide press releases, distribute news articles or arrange interviews with numerous online media websites.

What do Audience & Audio PR charge?
Audience & Audio PR are subject to negotiation.

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