I'm interested in getting a blackstar HT5, but i was just wondering, is it worth paying extra money to get the stack rather than a combo? I already have a marshall 102FX that i will use fo gigs, so is there any point in spending the extra money?

I will probably be using it in a bedroom and a practice area.

Also, will it be loud enough to hear over drums?
It might not be loud enough to hear over your drummer without a little extra help, but it will be more than suitable for bedroom use, more so in fact. If you want the Blackstar for your own practice, then try one if you can and see if you want it.

It's definitely a nice amp, and just a tip: It's getting a refresh in the next month of so, the HT5R. The R now has reverb, various stuff to make recording easier, 12" speaker (up from 10"), and the clean channel has tone control rather than just volume (if you would ever use it). The draw-back is that it can't handle high gain, you'll need pedals to back it up if you go for anything high.

Point is, try one. If you like it, and want it, why not?
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The draw-back is that it can't handle high gain, you'll need pedals to back it up if you go for anything high.

Do you mean the HT-5R has less gain than the normal?
Cause i remember the HT-5 had plenty enough gain for any metal stuff.
Sorry, I edited the post so it doesn't read right. I thought both amps didn't really get a decent sound at the gain you need for metal, but they still have the same gain control.

If you can get the amount you wanted from the HT5, then the HT5R can do the same.
I've found that the HT-5 can easily reach thrash-metal gain on its own...but for anything higher you might want a boost.

IMO, there's no reason to get the stack version. There will be almost no effect on volume or low end if you get the new 12 inch speaker version and if you want to play live, you'll be playing it through a PA anyway.
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I'd look at getting the head and a 2/12 just coz you'll have better speakers
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