I discovered this amazing song by this band. It is called the Highwayman, by Toss the Feathers, an Irish band based in England. I can not find the chords ANYWHERE. This is not to be confused with the popular country song by the same name. I checked, these guys wrote the song. I would SO appreciate a simple, open chord/acoustic type chord/lyric sheet for this (NOT a tab, I don't want the solo stuff just the open chords so I can strum rhythm and sing it).

Here is the song on Youtube. Listen, if it is in a strange key please transpose it (like I always do) until it is more playable, a.k.a. Am/G/E7/Dm as opposed to Bbmin/G#m etc?
The song is amazing!

and DUH here are the lyrics:

Although I am a highwayman I'm born of noble birth
Stole sovereigns of gold of gold, and rings and diamonds too
And the greatest treasure of them all, I took your heart from you

Stole horses from a tavern once, the soldiers drank within
Then sold them to the cavalry, ten guineas for my sins
I stole them from fine ladies, then waltzed with them next night
When they spoke about the Highwayman whose face was hid from sight

A duchess grand confided that she'd heard his voice before
Or who she didn't know, a stranger then from long ago
For years they've tried to capture me, a fox before the hounds
When my youthful bag of luck is spent, with you I'll go to ground

Though the gallows high defy me I shall return to thee
I shot Lord Wesley's guardsman, made the noose my destiny
But I'd rather go now in my prime than languish in old age
In some forgotten dungeon deep, a name upon a cage

Though Satan comes to take me to a place prepared for me
Look for me by moonlight, babe, I shall return to thee
On a moonlit night by silhouette and in the woods so deep
Look for me by moonlight, babe, my spirit shall not sleep

(as sung by Toss the Feathers)
thanks for sharing this song!
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Seems the majority of the song is Em and Am and then a D comes in there every now and then.... Give those chords a try and I belive you will get it..... Hope this helps
thanks thats pretty much it for the verse part -- maybe a quick C...but the chorus is giving me trouble still.
The entire song is just Em, Am, C, D in that order played over and over again the entire song.... even in the chorus... Just lay those chords over and over again and it will get you through the entire song......