Hey its in my profile.
I hope you enjoy it, its only short but i will be adding to it. Im looking for and ideas you might have where i could improve on my playing or composing.

Thank you!

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Nice playing, I liked the beginning, very in-your-face. The rhythm guitar is way too low in the mix, it makes some of the parts sound thin and less powerful than they should. I liked the melodies, but the harmonies are a bit too cliche for my tastes. To be honest, it sounds more than a display of technical ability than a proper song. You've definitely got some chops, though, I'll give you that.
Well it's great song. I really dig the leads you have going and that solo. However,

Are your rhythms double tracked? It's sounds like they are in places, but in others, I can only hear a rhythm out of one speaker and not the other. The panning is kind of awkward.

The big thing though, is there seems to be a lot of frequencies at the same volume which is making it a bit muddy.

I like the composition overall. I don't really have any complaints about the song itself. In my opinion though, panning and EQ is holding this tune back from it's true potential.
Nice playing. The first few seconds sound exactly like the solo to Leper Messiah though