Hi, I just bought an old speaker from a guy who said he took it out of an old Victor speaker cabinet that was for a movie projector. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this speaker, most importantly the wattage rating. I put it in a old home-made cabinet I bought at the flea market that's about the size of a Fender 2X10 Tremolux cab and it sounds great but I don't want to fry the coil if it's low wattage.
The speaker looks like an old Jensen from a Leslie cabinet with the large Alnico magnet and the numbers/letters on the rim are 12 PH16 A NJ7 It's a 12" speaker and measured at 16 ohms so I'm figuring that's what some of those numbers are. After doing a little research online I see that Norelco made speakers during this era for Jensen and the basket does look like a Jensen so maybe the NJ is Norelco made for Jensen. Just guessing though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
12 inch possibly Jensen sized 350 wide.jpg