You guys ever feel like that?

When I first started, I felt like I could never do D major or F bar chord. Now the basics are down and practiced and I feel I could never produce half as good a sound as most good guitarists out there.

I can play the basics and people that don't know guitars say it's wonderful but I know if I played infront of someone that knows, it's complete shit.

I always tell myself that it isn't talent but the amount of practice you put into it, muscle memory and all, but damn, sometimes it just feels like a never ending hill climb.

I'm not trying to be a rock star, just hold my own. What say you?
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I say do it because you enjoy it and it makes you happy. Everything else just comes with time.
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i used to feel like that.

besides practice - which is the key - i found that some things can make playing easier. getting a guitar set up correctly and using lighter strings improved my playing massively, and having a guitar with a wide enough neck with a shape that was comfortable also helped a LOT. even now, things i play fast and smoothly i may occasionally stumble over when playing a guitar with a 1 11/16" or narrower nut or a really skinny neck.

btw, a lot of my improvement at a certain point came not from official practice, but from noodling and playing things i enjoyed. it may not have added to my repetoire but becoming really comfortable with the fretboard can improve and refine your playing, and it's more fun than scales.
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Last time I felt that was when I tried to quickly fret this certain minor chord (the first Ebm):

It's just getting a little bit better and quicker after a few years, lol.
I have found that trying new tunes that stretch my fretting and chord knowledge to be useful. It also makes the tune-bank a lot fatter! Chords/transitions I thought id *never* get are now second nature. Sight reading chord notation is a lot easier. I have UG and the vast play-list to thank for this.

Play and improve for your own satisfaction. *Someone's* always going to be better, so why fight it? LOL