So I have this old mexican strat that is just a little too shiny for my tastes and I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to how to remove paint in certain places and dull the shine like the guitar like in the picture below? I tried a small spot on an old guitar with sandpaper and it looked horrible. Does anyone know how to actually get a good result?
Fender just tosses the body around and drags it on the pavement. Seems to work for them well enough.
30 years of playing...

really fine sandpaper works pretty well. maybe a coarse car polish?
The finest sandpaper you can find. Also fine steel wool.
Use a belt sander at your own risk.

Either that or dragging it behind you on the way to school/work.

PS. inb4 "relic'ed finishes suck" or similar.
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I was wondering aswell, how do you get that relic thing going on the fretboard?