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It's been too long, this should have been done months ago, but I'm lazy I also changed colors, but today I shot the first coat of metallic charcoal grey! It's not a very even coat, but I went fairly light on it, I can always put more on. Enjoy!

EDIT: It's also shinier in person
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Older picture, but there's the neck finished in Tru-Oil.

I pride myself on my humility.
Right on man, I too would have suggested a natural wood finish. But that is that color is quite stunning on a tele.
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That looks awesome dude! Btw what 4-H project is that?

It WAS going to be a woodworking project (for last year :S), but I didn't get it done on time. Also, the judges like natural finishes, and I wanted a solid color. I've never been a fan of the natural Tele Deluxes.
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I put the final coat of paint on last Monday. Any idea how long it takes Duplicolor to cure before I can put a clear coat on? Also, I'm not quite sure what product to use. I've pretty much settled on a Minwax product, but my dad thinks I should use their wipe on poly. I'm just concerned that there will be a slight discoloration (it seems to have a bit of amber tint to it) or that there will be wipe marks. Otherwise, would a spray lacquer or poly be the way to go? Thanks. (Picture time.)

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it would sure be great if you had updates for this thread


waitin for dem clearcoat shots

EDIT: Hot dam thats a good looking guitar. THe clear coat really made it
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Aaaaand the last of the clear coat is on! Keep in mind that the guitar is a lighter shade in real life and is a bit shiner, but I blame that on the poor lighting in my garage and my cell phone camera.

And now the 1 month waiting game begins before I assemble everything.
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LeviMan is right, color paint dries fairly fast, I've used paint that can be touched almost instantly and is almost completely dry in 15 minutes, not cheap though. Clear coat dries fast too, but you have to be aware that you should NOT buff it right away, I like to wait up to a week before I buff it (if doing it with any kind of power tool)
Yeah, I'm aware I waited probably more than I needed to, but I'm always willing to wait a bit longer to make sure the paint/clear has cured before going on. (I've had some problems in the past regarding uncured paint.) Anyways, I think I will end up buffing it assuming I can scrounge up the right tools.
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Wetsanding sucks. Getting off every inch of "orange peel" is pretty tedious, but I'm excited for that smoooooooth finish.
I pride myself on my humility.
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