back a couple years, i thought that a satin finish guitar was simply the cheaper model. with taylors, as you move up, you break into gloss tops. but since then i've discovered that a lot of people prefer a satin finish, and that some players who prefer a gloss finish still prefer a satin neck. i still prefer gloss, and have no major preference regarding the back of the neck - gloss is good, satin is fine.

how 'bout you? satin or gloss or do you like 'em both?
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performance wise - satin. aesthetics - glossy

i actually sanded all of the "gloss" off my epiphone. that's one reason why i'd like to get a jeff loomis 7 string schecter; it's satin.

i just don't prefer the "sticky-ness" of a glossy neck; plus gloss is a fingerprint magnet.
satin. my 00015m is all mahogany (except the fretboard and headstock which is rosewood) and is satin finished. its beautiful in an earthy kind of way.
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I think gloss tends to be a bit sturdier, when it comes to wear n tear. Aesthetics wise, I like both.
Satin on mahogany, gloss on anything else. I prefer mahogany to everything else, though, so I guess satin.
I prefer the feel of the satin neck. I don't care whether the top is gloss or satin.
i play a songsmith, im not sure if its satin but its sure not gloss. i just cant stand to play a glossy acoustic.
Satin for sure when it comes to acoustics. Glossy for electrics. Glossy necks make it slightly more difficult for my hands to slide around. (sweaty hands maybe?)
Satin necks all the way, but the body depends on the wood/finish. For a blak guitar, or any other dark-colored guitar, I'll always go satin. For lighter colored guitars (Nat, white e.c.t.) gloss all the way. On a rare occassion I'll pick up a gloss black guitar.
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