For those who know Steve "lips" kudlow of Anvil
i saw him in a picture and live with a Gibson, it was a semi hollow with 2 F holes
execpt it had this satin green burst finish like this FINISH

it looked like the Epiphone Tak Matsumoto GUITAR

and had a Firebird headstock but reversed from the Firebird style HEAD

anyone have any idea?
Wouldn't it have been easier just to post the picture of Steve Kudlow?
His semi-hollow flying V's are custom made. I can't think of any Gibson guitar that looks the way you described, so it might be a custom by the same luthier.
It said Gibson on the headstock

i cant seem to find any pics, he doesn't use it that often, i just saw it on the rack when they were playing
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Custom made indeed. They're no type of Gibson.

No logo of any sort clearly a custom build
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No logo of any sort clearly a custom build

does that look like a firebird headstock?

it was either a strat looking body or a es-335 body
Steve Kudlow? Me, too dont know much about him but I heard his name already. Glad you introduced him here.
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Trini Lopez?
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It's custom made, if you watch the documentary about Anvil he talks about it a bit.
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I was thinking it'll either be a Trini Lopez or a Vegas

this must be it, fits your description perfectly, dave grohl uses kind of the same thing in blue with the foos
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It's custom made, if you watch the documentary about Anvil he talks about it a bit.

i think that's the flying v style guitar willowthewitch posted that he was talking about in the documentary.

i can only assume that it must be a vegas, as others have said.
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YES! thats it!
thank you so much AcousticMirror

like this one
and the one on the right

i believe he had a satin finish, BUT! none the less the guitar i was looking for