My cover of Trivium's "Down from the Sky". I just learned it today- and it's going to be my first recording ever. I'm using audacity with a usb mic (waiting on my focusrite sapphire 6) with my Ibanez Rg7321>MXR Fullbore Metal>Vox AVT100H>Randall Warhead cab.

I know there's some mistakes and it's kind of rough tone wise- and that's my fault for being lazy. but I really wanted to get something up here to see what people think.

My next cover will either be something off Toxicity or Lateralus

Let me know what you think. Any and all feedback appreciated!


Listening to it again makes me cringe...
Needs a little vibrato on the intro notes ... they feel flat and dead otherwise. Other than that , like you said yourself , tone needs a bit of work haha.
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