So I have a few methods that I like to follow when listing gear on eBay, Craigslist, or forums, that I feel have helped my selling ability. I'd like to hear any tips that any of you have. I'm an open book if you feel my advice can be improved upon.

- Strategically time your listing. It's not uncommon at all to get extra bids in the last few seconds, so you'll want your listing to end at a time where more people are likely to be online. Many people who work regular 9-5, Monday-Friday jobs, use their Friday and Saturday nights to go out, so try and have your listing end on a Sunday or any other week day. I also prefer to have my listings end around 7:30pm, a time I'm sure most people are home.

- Don't say why you're selling it. An obvious exception is if something is broken or damaged, then you will absolutely want to protect your reputation. A lot of people I've known sell their gear when they find something they like more. If you list something along the lines of "I'm selling my LTD so I can get a Schecter", then you may give a potential buyer the idea that Schecters are better and perhaps they should find one of those instead.

- High quality pictures always help.

- Build a good reputation. Be honest, polite, communicate with your buyer, package your gear well, and ship out soon after receiving payment. A bad reputation will hurt your chances of selling.

- If your specific gear is not common, wait for similar listings to end before putting yours up, and get the potential buyers who couldn't snag the first deal. This also avoids people trying to lowball you to beat the other person's price.

- Beware users with 0 feedback and random names like "lk4e4z9", they may be bots or scammers. Check their profiles and make sure they're not from Uganda or somewhere. List in your sale that users with 0 feedback must send a message with some kind of information, like "Who is the President?", so you know it is an actual, English-speaking person.

- List the specs of your gear. This will help get users who search for new gear by doing 'in-description' searches for ebony fretboards, floyd roses, active pickups, etc.

- When selling on Craigslist or forums, protect yourself and your items and remember that you are the one in charge. If someone is being very strange, suspicious or demanding, you are not obligated to sell your gear to them. Until money is transferred, YOU are still the owner of your item.
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I sell ebay quite frequently. If you plan to, set up your profile page to look like an online store page. It will look more professional and legit. Offer like a 7 day money back guarantee and alternative methods of shipment, etc. Give them peace of mind.