hi, i recently bought a pod x3 solely for recording purposes. I am totally, and I mean TOTALLY confused on how to record. I know i need a recording program, and modeling software (pod farm). the tone im looking for and the kind of music i play is, well im gona hate myself for saying this but its "djent" and death metal style. for those who dont know djent is that guitar sound that is made from palm muting and then hiting a note open. usually in very low tunings, bands that use this are after the burial, volumes, etc. I tried to figure out how to record in the trial version of ableton live 8.1.1, and audacity. I even tried testing the tone in trial version of pod farm but i cant get any sounds, or i dont know what to do to get the sounds out. im sure im doing the configuration wrong. but i seriously need help with this, and no one i know can help me. Can someone help me in the right direction? like i said i have the pod x3, and im gona buy pod farm 2.5.
You don't need to buy pod farm if you have the x3. How are you hooking it up to your computer?
You need to download Line 6 Monkey from their site, and update your computer with your POD Drivers, then you can hook it up with a USB cable and in Audacity you should be able to select your POD as the recording method through your USB cable.
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everything you guys said i already know, thanks anyway. yes i use a usb cable to hook up to the computer. but the thing is cant hear my guitar play through my computer. is there something im configuring wrong? i just dont know what do. am i supposed to put on headphones and hear it through the pod x3?