does anyone know any about them? I found this on craigslist and wanted to get an opinion...

I know basically nothing about classical guitars (electric is my general area) but I'm really delving into classical music and would like a proper classical guitar to play on. I have around 600 dollars to spend, 650 max if I needed to ( or 700 if at guitar center because of coupons).

I know some of you like to look on craigslist for good deals, so I live in the Orlando and Daytona area and could drive to either area to pick one up.

any help/tips/advice is much appreciated.

thanks in advance
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Back over in December I found beat up Giannini (though not specifically this same model) in an aunts house and I took very happily since the only thing that seemed damaged were the tuners. I got some tuners and put some strings on it and was instantly amazed by the guitar's beautiful sound, the volume is quite high (on pr with my dreadnought acoustic) and the tone is pure magic, unfortunately fun lasted less than 3 days because the bridge snapped due to string tension after 25 years without strings. I had it repaired and have been happy ever since so I really recommend you get one if you can, mine is clearly below the price range your guitar and it's amazing so this model should be even better. Last but not least, I guarantee you will not find anything great in this price range, go for it if you can.

P.S: The thing that impressed me th most was the weight of the guitar, pure solid wood.