Finally after a grueling 6 month wait.....Right guitar Wrong case LOL. I'll call PRS tomorrow, and ask why it was shipped with the standard case.

This guitar is wow.....It's so resonate and well built. I don't even think perfect describes the build quality. I never got to play it much home here because of the time I got home from the store with it people were in bed. But this guitar made me trade my Strat for it with no regrets so.....


Got to build the suspense you know LOL :P :P


I'll post some better(And clean lol) pics tomorrow when it's daylight. and tomorrow sometime i shall post a proper review, after i get home from a jam.
i must say im a lil jealous haha . good job on the choice tho!
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I've always wanted a PRS. HNGD!
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Hot Damn! That is a nice guitar.
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She's a beauty! HNGD.
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PRS def do the best flame tops!! flames usually dont really do it for me on most brands, but PRS flames have lots of character and variety to them.

i dont know why they started doing these hollow bird inlays. takes away from the fretboard i think. lovely NGD nonetheless!

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Insanely beautiful guitar man!
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Was going to find some porn, but this'll do *fap*

seriously though, that is an awesome guitar, and looks beautiful, enjoy it!
I swear I was wearing pants when I opened this thread.

HNGD mate! Very jells. Very.
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Ahhhh Yuck Fou.

HNGD, pics are HUGE but it's sexy as hell. Hope it plays as good as it looks.
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I always wonder what makes people think we want to see the case. We want to see the goddamn guitar!

And that is a friggin beauty. HNGD mate
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nice anny 24! someone stole your white case.

here's what it's case is supposed to look like guys.

call them nao!

really nice NGD!
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Can't believe you sold your 513 Greg

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Can't believe you sold your 513 Greg

turdburst? don't miss it at all.

hey it just wasn't for me. you of all people.

TS - beautiful PRS!
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
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So where do you live again?.....

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This guitar is wow, it sounds sweet from clean to high gain. it's a very resonate guitar, when unplugged or even plugged in you can hear and feel the notes ring through the body. the fit and finish are perfect, I cannot find ANY blems or scratches. the first thing I looked for in terms of a paint defect was rough clear coat on the neck and body seam. I had a few Gibson Les Pauls that had rough clear there so I wanted to see if PRS was the same and as you would expect from a high quality guitar it's perfectly smooth. the rotary switch took me a few hours to get used to but now i love it.
The guitar stays in tune almost perfectly even with new strings, i played on it for about 3 hours straight today and had to tune it once and that was very little.
some better pictures

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that is one sexy prs.

any word on your case? did they run out?
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
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