*Note: The lack of punctuation was intended to help convey the theme.


The hero who is a villain who is a criminal who is a soldier stands – slouches staring at the white-washed wall before him. A clean slate. So disgusting so dirty – so pure. Unadulterated by his smile unwashed by the sanguine soap he dispenses so willingly; unfit to be presented. The wall disgusts him the villain; it appeals to him the hero; it terrifies him the soldier; it reminds him the criminal. He walks he stops he runs he sprints away from the wall towards the city the rooftops the streets the alleys the shops that he the villain he the criminal calls home that he the soldier calls a warzone that he the hero calls a hunting ground. He perches himself at the tip of the spear the top of the tower the zenith of the apocalypse the perch of the crow.

Thoughts flow through his mind eroding his barriers destroying his inhibitions reducing his senses to dust – removing. his. humanity.

He becomes one with his spear his tower his apocalypse. All he knows is the crow and the death sentence at its beak.

A twitch slowly crawls up his spine towards his calm trembling blissfully terrified fingers.


His eyes – his fingers – his heart – his mind

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. - Friedrich Nietzsche
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