Engage the crowd in your performance and play well.

And don't faint.
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This +10000

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i think you answered
your own question
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Lot's of (good) stage presence. Musically, less is more. Don't try to be super flashy and do more than you can, all that does is set a standard too high for the rest of the band. Save good licks/fills/etc. for important parts and don't go crazy all over the songs. Also make sure that talking between songs is VERY limited, because too much is just clownish.
If it's creative, true to your musical goal, and it sounds good, put it in the song.

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Guitar spins. As many as possible. People go nuts.
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what type of music you playing? have stage prescence necessary to your style e.g don't jump around loads and swing your guitar if you're in a blues, gospel band etc.
Keep tight with the drums, but relax, the gig will go alot smoother if you relax into the moment
make sure you're in tune also before you go on stage, saves having to stand on stage tuning whilst the audience is waiting for you.
Make sure you're pleased with your amps sound from where the audience is standing, nothing worse than you thinking it sounds amazing, but the audience hear it in a different way.

Good Luck, relax, and don't rush it and have fun
Ok but seriously. Don't do guitar spins, I've heard many stories of things gone wrong with that. I do play shows about 5-6 times a month and here is my advice.. The best thing to do is focus on playing correctly. If you pull the songs off pretty well you will have a good show. Don't try to be overly flashy... Just do what ever is comfortable for you. If that is just bobbing your head a little to the drums then great, just do that. As said above, engaging the crowd in any way possible is good and they feel better about watching you. More than anything try to have a great time, enjoy yourself and don't worry about what people will think. The more natural you look, the more professional you will look, and the more fun you will have.
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You are my hero nodurquack.
Here's what I usually do:
2 ibuprofen and chug a Rockstar energy drink
And just have fun
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keep hydrated. it's hot on stage, and you'll sweat a ton. if you start to get dehydrated, you're playing won't be good, and you could pass out. and that isn't good.
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I've never performed live, but from what I've noticed from my favorite performers just playing their music really well is enough to make the audience go nuts. When they're really into, that's when they do all the eccentric stuff like back bends and other enthusiastic body gestures. The common factor in this is that they were calm, collected, and just focused on the music and having some fun--not trying to show off. Then again, I like relatively mellow music compared to other people. Anyways, good luck dude!
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if this is your first show...don't sweat it...its more about the mind than your skill...i'm sure u guys chug out decent performances at rehearsals...

if ur feeling nervous, try and show up for sound check early coz at my first show some audience members were already there and while we were just practicing they were digging what we played so I already knew things would go well and the nervousness disappeared...

but if you guys don't have that...just think of it being something u gotta get through...and just get it over with...thats only on the initial part...try not to think too much about what the audience is thinking and just recreate that feeling of practicing with your bandmates and things sound good...and you'll overcome the barrier and really get into performing...

a lotta people are gonna tell u this man....once u start...theres nothing like it and ur gonna want to do it more n more...

so all the best with your first show...i hope its a good experience for u
Be well-rehearsed. That means well-rehearsed enough that screwing up really isn't a worry. You just get up and do what you always do and you will sound good, because it always sounds good.

Be well-prepared - extra strings, have tuners, use the tuners, extra cables, extra drum sticks, etc. Basically, if something will realistically find itself out of commission in the middle of your set, have an extra. Find out from the club what you need to know about load-in times, where to park, whether or not they provide someone to run sound, etc. Arrive on time - all of you.

Be polite and respectful to everybody. The club owner will be deciding whether or not he/she wants to have you back. The person running sound can make you sound awful if you're a prick to him/her. If there is another band on the bill, be professional and pleasant with them. Now is a bad time to establish a reputation that you'd rather not live down. Clean up your mess and put away your toys. Make room for others to play in the sandbox. Don't dawdle when other people are waiting for you.

Bring people out. The person who booked you will be deciding whether or not they want to book you again.

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Have the songs down 340%!
Even though you think you can play it OK in your bedroom, playing it live is a whole other ballgame. Be sure to practice it standing up too. You should be almost bored with the songs after you're done, that's how well you should know them.
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Don't forget the little things, like tuning up before almost every song and bringing extra strings and cables.
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Warm up AT LEAST an hour or so before rehearsing or even playing.

First performances suck. Make sure you have an easy song first. Don't throw some blistering solo on the first run unless you're an expert performer. I'd say even if you had Yngwie skills, never but some insane solo first.

Maybe have some slight alcohol.

Also, piss before you go play... just a warning.

Know your songs so well that you cannot possibly screw them up. I mean, your technique must be flawless. You should be able to do a decent job if you felt somewhat ill. That's the best way to put it.
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