so yeah i was playing my friends TSL yesterday (he keeps it at my house for me to use with my other band and so he can use it with our band), i turned it to about 9 o'clock, not very loud, and all of a sudden the volumes cuts out, very minimal sound you can hear almost nothing unless you put your ear to the speaker. I checked the power tubes normally they glow orange when i turn the power on, but i noticed when i turn standby off they glow blue and orange, not sure if that's normal or not. I checked the cab, works fine, so does the cable, batteries in my guitar are still working? I'm not to experienced with tube amps, were going to bring it down to the music store he bought it from tomorrow if it isn't a simple solution, since he's got a full warranty.

Any suggestions or questions are appreciated.
It's normal for the tubes to glow blue and orange. Try a different guitar, not just different batteries, and if all else fails, replace the power tubes. If it STILL doesn't work, my friend, your friend's amp may be ****ed.

How long did you let the tubes warm up for?
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I let the power tubes warm up for a couple of minutes, and i tried using my other guitarists les paul which has passives so it definitely wasn't the guitar, i found out that it's probably the preamp tubes and possibly the capacitors, something similar happened to my dad with his amp.
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Unlikely it's the caps, the TSL is a relatively new amp and an amp will only need a cap job after 10 or 15 years, if that (especially not a modern amp with modern caps like the TSL). Hell, there's still some Fenders from the '60s that have original caps and play like a bell.

More likely it's the tubes.
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id say preamps and probably not capaciters. they are exremely reliable. for the capaciters to break you would have to mash it up yourself or put an absolutly crazy amount of current through it however your fuse would protect from this.
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