Sooo Im going with a few of my friends to the Electronic Daisy Carnival down in Orlando tomorrow and I have absolutely ZERO idea of what to expect. I first thought it would be just like an electronic version of Warped Tour; different stages spread out with different artists etc. Lotsa awesome light shows and great music. Awesome.

...However, they showed me a few terrible videos. The most memorable was of this girl getting her face smashed from a buncha ravers that were trying to rush through and hop the fences. Call me a big pussy, but that video was NOT my idea of fun good time and if they act like that at the event then it would definitely ruin it for me. How crazy is this damn thing? How crazy are the people that attend?

So anybody ever been? You going? Whats it like? It looks like a lot of potential fun, Id just like to make sure I know what to expect. Is it more tame than im imagining?

Here is the video they showed me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8mSRPR0gk0

There are lots of those vids actually. Lots of jumping fences and tents, stampeding, etc. Do the people that go to these things have no manners at all? Lmao god I sound like a square ! It just looks so out of control for a freakin organized event and I dont need to be run over by a buncha uncivilized monkeys.

Here is link to the website: http://www.electricdaisycarnival.com/Orlando/index.php

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You gon' die.

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You gon' die.

Awesome first response ! As usual, I will report back if I die

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People are fucking stupid. I'd stay somewhat near the back if they are going to seem like that.

I mean, I'd have fun at this, but not that, because people actually help each other out.


Yeah, see! Thats more like it. I dont know, I just dont want to get stuck with a bunch of dumb selfish scenesters and hipster teenagers that think they are invincible AND THINK I AM ****ING TRANSPARENT ! Im just going to bring a big metal broom and just whack them all away.

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Yeah, it looks like it could be cool, but dipshits would take it too far and ruin it. Pfft, everybody's lost the spirit of PLUR there, it seems. :\
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