Im looking for a cheap guitar to mod and experiment on. I can probably get a Charvette by Charvel for 100 bucks, maybe 75. Is it a good deal for a cheap modding guitar?

EDIT: What about a Washburn Mercury II MG-821?
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Take the neck off the body, and throw the body away. The necks are sweet but the nasty plywood bodies are shocking. Look out for a Charvel body and go from there. If you can get it lower than 75, then go for it.
If you want something to mod, keep an eye out for older Peavey Predators and Nitros. They were both USA made and can be had for chump change (usually 100-200) and are a great base for mods.
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If you want a guitar to mod, find something with a good body. Plywood is not good guitar material.

The neck of a Charvette is amazing, though. I'd get the Charvette and throw the body away, keeping just the neck. Then, get a good body with the same neck joint and combine the two.
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I was unaware that they had ply wood bodies! Thanks for that.

How are Washburn Mercury II MG-821s? I can probably get it for 125 or so.
Also I'd recommend Aria STG's. They all have alder bodies and maple necks with bathtub routing. Ripe for modding. I bought one for that purpose and it turned out great. They're cheap as hell second hand too.
are aria good guitars, as i was looking at getting them also
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For $50 I'd buy it, but no more than that.
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