I found a guy selling a digitech whammy I assume version 4, with box and manual for $85, but when we talked he said the adaptor was missing and without hesitation said I could have it for $65. I am very interested, but it is a good deal? How expensive will an adaptor be? I don't want to buy this and have to shell out $35 for some special cable
cable runs like 15 to 25 so youre still getting a pretty good deal. you could probably talk him down a little more though
I already have a boss oc-3 I got for $30, would just getting a wah be good enough?

I know it's not at all the same, but I just want to make sure I'm not covering the same base twice too much
The Whammy's adapter is unique to it, you literally cannot use almost any other adapter on the market. It's not that steep though, my adapter ran me about $15.
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