Hello, im aware this will have been posted several times but im very tired and i cant find any. I'm wanting advice on next guitar, my current one is an encore strat also known as a block of shit with some strings.
My setup is a Boss ME-70 and a standard Carlsbro amp. The amp only has three band EQ no effects other than reverb, not even gain so my tone comes completely from the pedal. I play mostly Metalcore, á la Killswitch Engage, Parkway, As I Lay Dying.
However i also play Rage, System and a variety of other genres and some acoustic.
Price range is up to £500 roughly, i could go higher though i really am skint.
No preferences for neck construction or pickups just the best guitar that fits. Also a superstrat style would be preferred, though obviously wouldn't be a deal breaker.

Sorry for the list form of the post but as i said, I'm tired and i attempted to answer every question that would be asked, if i've missed something then i've failed and you will all destroy me.

Anyway, many many thanks.
Dude, I'm not really a dick...but I see like 3 of these threads a day...and its probably not a good idea to make a decision while tired.

I would search bar, I use it all the time, so I don't see why you and the many others with these threads can't.
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