Hey, been a while since I've been to these forums. Here is a new acoustic song I spent my day recording, any comments are welcome. This is a song I've been working on for a while now, I think the music is finished. Let me know if you'd change anything. It is a lil long, but any repetitiveness I feel is remedied with variation in vocal melodies ( which aren't recorded yet, because I'm just now really writing the lyrics) I guess I'm just looking for comments on musicality as a whole. Thanks, and C4C of course!

Song is here!

... also its pretty evident where the song ends, but I forgot to hit stop on one track so there is some random stuff after the end where I was playing around.. don't crit that
First of all, love it.

Second, it DEFINATELY has a love song feel to it. Very pretty.

I like the subtly of the violin (Or cello... Well, something with a bow). It really adds a nice vibe to the song.

There were a couple parts that felt a bit off to me. Primarily at 2:43 (and again at 5:20). That little low riff seemed kind of out of place. It wasn't really as "pretty" as the rest of the song. Also, the following silence was a bit awkward.

I, personally, wasn't really fond of that ending. It was really random feeling. Not sure if that's what I would have done, however, to each, his own.

Now, as for vocals... I feel like the song might be too busy as some points. I mean, I hear 2 or 3 guitars, one or two violins and/or cellos and drums. You'd REALLY have to do it perfectly. Either that, or drop an instrument (which I wouldn't advise doing).

Overall, man, excellent!
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