Me and a friend are possibly starting a modern folksy sorta project, Mumford and Sons sort of stuff, and this was my first attempt at writing anything of the sort.

Honestly, I've never written much besides metal/post-hardcore along with some post-rock and soundtrack stuff until this point, so I was COMPLETELY winging it.

Unfortunately there's no vocals or anything in there, that is still to be written by the other member.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and leave a link and I'll get back to ya! <3
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i must say i quite liked this , could definitley hear the cave in there somewhere and i really like M&S so thats a good thng , allthough mumford and sons is very vocal driven , so i wonder how tihs would be with vocals , but other than that it just flows well and is wel written imo , allthough the drums are very basic.
I think you could of gotten the rest of the instruments coming in better than you did. I like bars 13-15 but I think you should repeat those twice and have bar 16 on the second repeat imo. I like the way you used the piano in most of the song. I think you could of done more with the drums than just a bass drum but I realize that there isn't much (if it all) drumming in most folk stuff. I like bars 63-66 quite a bit. You ended the song well.

Overall not bad. I must say that I don't listen to much folk outside of Mimicking Birds so keep that in mind. The only part that I didn't really like at all was bars 47-54 but I think that could be fixed once you add in vocals. When you do add in vocals post it again, I'd like to hear it with vocals, I think that'd improve the song quite a bit.

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