Hey, so I bought a used Ibanez electric guitar off ebay.

I have a Boss GT-3 effects board which I have been using for my other guitar, a better Ibanez RG with passive seymour duncan humbuckers in it. When I plug in my new active pickup guitar it is quiet as shit and my 5150 crunchy as hell tone is almost clean when using it with this new guitar!!! WTF?!?

Im a total noob when it comes to active pickups. I put in new batteries (it takes 2 AA's rather than a 9v) and adjusted the pickup height...that helped, but not nearly enough.

To get any kind of real distortion i have to overdrive the distortion effects which gives a background buzz even with the noise gate cranked.

I wasnt expecting an amazing guitar but Im pretty sure its supposed to be better than this.

Somebody please help this poor lost soul
Have you tried fiddling with the volume knob on the guitar?
If anything, an active pickup should be producing more gain even on a multieffect.
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If you plug the guitars straight into the amp, does that make a difference?
I'm just trying to troubleshoot as best as I can.
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sounds like the preamp on the pickups isnt getting juice.

have you ensured the batteries are properly inserted?

is there a loose wire?
Yep, sounds like a flat battery or unconnected battery, classic case.
Quote by Bidley
Yep, sounds like a flat battery or unconnected battery, classic case.

Can you explain what you mean by that, how I could fix that, or a link to the right direction.

I put in brand new (crappy generics) two AA batteries before I even played it once
your pre amp is eater bad or you need to re solder the contacts.
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Try it with the batteries that came with it.
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Try some Durracell or Energizer batteries, I know EMG's work best with good name batteries
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There's been tons of threads like this. Those Ibanez own brand actives with the two AA batteries seem to throw a fit if you don't use specific brands or types. There's more to batteries than just whether they're AA or AAA or whatever. Like I said there's been lots of topics on this already so use the search for ibanez active pickups and you'll find which brands people found work.