I recently purchased the CAD U37 microphone. It works really well if you're trying to record really soft vocals, other than that I'm having problems. My singer came over the other day to record his vocal tracks, we use Mixcraft 5. He has a really loud voice and every time he hit anything over a G4 the sound got all distorted. It didn't matter how close or far he stood from the mic.

Anyone have any suggestions?
If you good at .wave editing you can always punch in at a lower volume to compensate for the increase in his voice. Keeping the volume at one level. I usually record sections of songs at a time depending on the vocalist volume. If he is really quite then really loud I record the quiet part with the pre-amp up, and then turn the pre-amp down so they louder part is close to the same volume of first part. This takes care of clipping when going from quiet to loud.

Some people also through a compressor on the live channel when recording (although I don't) so you can do that was well.
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