For example could I link the major scale up with the pentatonic scale?
Yes, but don't just randomly change from one to the other without some sort of transition.
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Yes, one of the most common sounds in Rock and Blues music is the combination of a Major Pentatonic scale and a Blues scale mixed and played from the same root.

For instance, for "Blues in G"...

G7 = use G Major Pentatonic and G Blues
C7 = use C Major Pentatonic and C Blues
D7 = use D Major Pentatonic and D Blues

This covers some much RnR and Blues music you'll wonder why no one ever showed you this before.

I have a comprehensive tutorial on how to work these two scales together here: http://lessons.mikedodge.com/lessons/AdvPent/AvdPentTOC.htm

READ the Introduction first, then work through the 50+ examples in order. They will show you how to play over 7th chords which is the basis for Blues, Rock, Country, and a few other styles.

Each lesson includes audio, tab, diagrams, and explanations. And, it's total free, no ads, no sign up required, etc...just straight learning.

You've hear this concept so many times from Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Alvin Lee, Glenn Miller, Jimi Hendrix, etc...the list and the styles it's used in is endless.

The reason it fits so many styles is that by combining those two small and VERY common scales you by default create all of these sounds and scales over a 7th chord:

G Major Pent
G Min Pent
G Blues
G Mixolydian
G Dorian
G Lydian Dominant

And you'll also find large segments of these scales by this process:

G Diminished
G Whole Tone

Check those lessons out, they could change the way you view everything. Seriously.
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