So this period I am looking to buy a guitar .I have had 2 others guitars in the past.a BC rich outlaw PX3T and an Epi les Paul.So I want to update to a better guitar.I play a bit of everything,A lot of rock (Zeppelin,a bit of Alice Cooper,a lot of Gun's 'N' roses, sabbath,ACDC,a bit of pink Floyd )but with my band I play mostly metal stuff like RATM,Tool,Mettalica etc.So I am looking for a guitar that can play a bit of all those stuff but mostly lean to metal.I am willing to spend about 1000-1500 € .I was at first thinking of the gibson sg.opinions please and thanks in advance.
If you want a LP type guitar, but a little bit more metal, I'd reccomend taking a look at ESP Eclipses, alhough as an owner of one you could say I'm a little biased.

PRS always have good options, but for your price range I don't think you'd get bang for your buck.

Ibanez are always reliable metal guitars and usually very good for your money. Your price range is perfect for an Ibanez Prestige.
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Watch as everyone including me starts reccommending Ibanez Prestige guitars.
They are good though.
I can only reccommend brands as you'll have to find out what you like yourself, but ESP, Ibanez, and Jackson have some amazing guitars in your price range.
I'd say it's mainly those 3 brands you'll want to look at.
If you can find a second-hand PRS Custom for that price though, go for it.

I'm not a fan of Gibson SG's, but that's mainly my personal preference. The necks seem to hate my hands or vice versa.
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