I wrote this song a while back. It's basically standard Metalcore, so if you don't want to crit it, don't feel obligated to.
But, I do want to hear some opinions on which version of the song is better.

This is the original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fpcwE-HF_o
It's recorded in Drop B and only has two guitar tracks mixed -100% and 100%

This is the newer, re-recorded version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYbudZgWrRw
It's recorded in Drop A and has 4 guitar tracks mixed -100% -80% 80% and 100%.

I can't decide which is better.
Forgive programmed drums and lack of bass.
the composition of the song was great. what you were playing was definitely some good guitar work. keep it up.

i think this is a perfect example of "less is more". even though you probably put more into recording the second one, the original was better.

if you would like to RE-record it, or if you still have the master tapes, try not panning the guitars so hard to each side. maybe -30, 30 and -50, 50. i usually pan mine -33 and 33. thats just me. if your guitars arent panned so hard to each side, you should need less of them to get the fuller sound, so you will be saving some time.

i know its a metalcore song, but its ok to turn the gain down a little bit while recording. especially when double tracking. you can always turn it back up when playing live, but it will sound SO much better when committing it to tape.

lower tunings arent always gonna beef up your sound. a guitar tuned to standard can sound much thicker than one tuned to drop c if mixed/EQ-d right. i found in my experiences that there is less room for error when EQ-ing dropped guitars afterwards also. its so much easier to get that "muddy" sound im sure you are trying to avoid.

to make up for the lack of bass, try EQ-ing each guitar to cover each area of the EQ band. example.....i dont have a bass guitar in my songs. i record one guitar at 33Left and EQ it to be a little "bass-ier". i record another guitar at 33Right, and it has a little less bass, but more treble than the guitar panned left. the trick for me is to record a good guitar tone FROM YOUR AMP, then EQ that accordingly. make sense? thats what works for me. you have to find whats best to your ears.

i know this is a hard thing to tell a guitarist, but TURN THE GUITARS DOWN. it doesnt always help to turn the drums UP, but there were places where i forgot the drums were there. turn the guitars down a bit.

umm...yeah. i hope that was some help....
oh...and if you dont mind giving some of my stuff a crit, its in my sig. thank you!!!!