Hey guys

New amp day might be coming up soon (if my finances stay stable this time ) and I'm getting a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100. I'm still not set on a cab, so I was just going to go for the cheapest with the most decent set of speakers and upgrade later if need be.

Today I came across the Blackstar HTV 412B for around $600, which would be about $300 cheaper than any other cab with Celestion V30s or the like. It doesnt specify anywhere, including Blackstar's website, what the speakers in the cab are other than saying "celestion loudspeaker".

So I'm wondering, does anyone know the actual speaker model in this cab? And how does it compare to say a marshall 1960A or an Orange PCC412?

The 70/80s and v30 are quite similar voicing wise imo, but the V30s have better construction, tighter low end less icepick / nasal-y ness.

Deffinately get an Avatar or something. You don't need a 4x12 at all.
Avatar dont ship to Australia, and their distributors charge ridiculous prices for them here.
I know I dont need a 4x12, but I know I want one. Its not a logical choice, its an indulgent one.

So the blackstar cab's not worth it then? I'll probably go an Orange then. I can get one with V30s for about $900.
Sorry I saw $ and assumed you were a yank.

I think its a better idea just to get a good cab now, you can get good deals used if your patient, cab construction counts too, its not just the speakers that affect tone.

asfaik all orange cabs have V30s, besides the 10"ers.

The 212ob is pretty fairly priced. A little more compact and lighter too.

Its worth a look on ebay. I found these after a quick search.


http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/212-2X12-GUITAR-CABINET-BIRCH-PLY-OPEN-BACK-/120662772630?pt=AU_Amplifiers&hash=item1c180fcb96 (Unloaded, put your own speakers in)

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