Hey, lately, I've been really pissed at how often I have to buy a new high E string. It snaps 65% of the time when I tune back to Standard after having tuned down a whole step. It also snapped once, when I did a maybe 1 step bend in Standard tuning? Could it be something wrong with tuners/bridge or is this supposed to happen this often?
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try checking the tuners or the bridge. check if there are sharp edges or something. try checking the nut too if it's too tight for the string. it shouldn't snap that often actually.
if you change tunings a lot, then that could be the problem as you might be wearing down the string. but even so, that is a lot. whereabouts is the string snapping?
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I don't really change tunings often - I tune down 1 step down maybe twice a month. It normally snaps near the nut.
Gear :

Jackson JS32T King V
Vox VT40+
Stagg C542
Check your guitar's nut for burrs or rough edges, chances is there's a burr at the nut which is causing the string to snap.

If there is, you can file it down and apply some pencil lead on the nut to lube it up. If you want a more expensive option, you can check out the Big Bends Nut Sauce.
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Maybe try a different brand?

When i used to use Daddario my high E's would snap like nobodies business. Ofc, everyone blames the guitar, strange when it kept happening to 2 of my guitars though.

I switched to GHS boomers and havent changed any of my strings for over a year (Which is cheap and lazy, but yeah)