From the moment I saw you
I knew that it had to be true
No one else could mean so much to me
The first time I kissed you
I nearly missed you
I was so scared that we'd never be

I want to tell you how much you mean to me
Tonight, take my hand
I will never let go, I will keep you safe
Tonight, I will try
To explain it but I know
Words could never describe how I feel
Tonight, I want to tell you 'I love you'

Your eyes outshine the stars
Your smile is indescribible
I'd do anything for you, to make you happy
I would die to see your smile
When we're together it's like I'm lost in your arms
I never want to be found


Just some lyrics I wrote down one day, I didn't put much thought into it, just let it flow =]
not really digging the "kissed you/missed you" rhyme, just comes across as amateurish. that being said, numerous times im listening to theory of a deadman or nickelback and i hear rhymes so childish i have to laugh, so i guess you can do alright with them.

chorus was alright, second verse seemed kinda weak to me, just too jumpy. you go from describing her (i assume its a her) to telling her how youd do anything to being with her...its just kinda confusing. maybe split it up a little, take one of those ideas and make a bridge out of it or something