Hey guys my name is Liam. I been using ultimate guitar now for around 4 years but only decided to register today :p

Im buying a new guitar and could do with your advice/opinions if you dont mind

I want to buy a Les Paul style guitar.

I was recommended this guitar and was thinking of buying it but i thought id ask here first before i did, The Vintage V100Hb

My budget is 260 Euro which has to include postage aswell. The above guitar works out at 255€ With postage to Ireland.

Im starting to learn lead guitar at the moment and like to play a good bit of u2 stuff. Also want to start studying Slash's style soon.

The Gear i have at the moment is a Roland Cube20X Amp. A Zoom G1xn Multi Effects Pedal. I have a Epiphone Sg Special which is my main electric i play on at the moment so i was hoping i could get a better guitar than that. I also have a Fender CD-60 CE BK.

I have been playing guitar for 4 years and am currently learning about the caged system and lots of chord and scale theory but i can play a song on acoustic reasonably well and sing along as well.

Sorry for the long post and if this is in the wrong place


Go for it, but see if you can play one at your local guitar shop first to see if you like the feel of it