Dude - panda sneeze has so much potential to be ****ing awesome! You guys remind me of the band clutch. Honestly, a lot of it sounded noisy though. What was the method you used to record?
thanks man, I get what you mean with the noise, it's probably because of all the things the sound goes through, I make the drums on beatcraft, record it to my Boss micro br, then record all the instruments over the top, then I convert them to mp3 and put them onto mixcraft, then i record off mixcraft into my br, because my free trial has run out and I can't save to mp3 then I have to put in onto moviemaker and upload it to youtube, so yeah,, there's my excuse haha
VDM-2319. Vocals are really wierd, but it gives it a cool, creepy kind of feel. I like it. guitar needs to be a lot louder. Drums are fine as far as volume goes. Overall 7/10

Panda Sneeze - starts off with a cool riff. Vocals are way too loud on this one. It almost hurts my ears lol. Guitar harmonies are really cool. Drums seem kind of bland and really similar to 2139. I liked this one, though. 8/10

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