What frame of mind are you in when you solo?

Say if you have a C G Am F progression.
Are you thinking 'C E G. G B D. A C E. F A C.'
Or are you thinking more scale degrees. like 1 5 6 4. And then building arpeggios around the degrees?

Whats running through your mind as you solo basically?
Normally, when I solo, it's pretty much all improv'd; I have a basic idea of what I want to do, but I feel like when you set out to solo in a box, so to speak, it turns out less creative than it could have been.

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^^ agreed

I don't think about it at all, for me its all feel to fit the groove. Every song has a different flow and if i do think, it's usually "i'll hold this note then rest for a bar or 2 and let that rhythm come to the top and sink in again.." but even that is just sporadic feel i guess.
When writeing a solo, i basiclly lisson to the rhythm guitar ive come up with and i hear in my head what i would like to put over it, then i start finding the notes on guitar and then i got my solo.
I like to start off with Marty Friedman's idea of using chordal shapes and playing to the specific chord, add in a few notes that are out of the shape (i.e. blues notes or notes from a harmonic minor) and then take into account his idea of playing outside of the scale (like driving through a bad neighborhood you do it a little and come back home and your a hero, but stay too long and you might get shot).
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Pretty much this but if I am actually thinking it's usually in numbers since the intervals are what actually matter rather than the names.
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Ok. Cheers guys. In conclusion, you shouldn't be thinking, just enjoying....

I think I get it. You just solo, make mistakes. Eventually, you won't make as many mistakes... You'll just know what you're doing.
Victor Wooten had an awesome section on improvising in a DVD of his I saw.

I basically follow this and keep an eye out for the roots and switches and keep a good groove. Granted, it's for bass, but it applies just as well for guitar work.
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At this point, I don't think much about what scale to use, but rather aim to play a musical phrase that fits in with the vibe of the song. I try to give the solo direction - perhaps by easing into it to start with and then building up to a climax. It took a long time to get to this point. I started by thinking about what scale to use, where the notes are on the neck, what position I'm in, etc. I also use the chord approach you mentioned (I'm playing over a 'C' chord, the notes in the chord are 'C' 'E' 'G'). I've practiced the triad shapes all over the neck so much that I can apply fingerings to a solo and riff off of those.

It takes time, in the beginning you'll be thinking about scales and chords, but eventually you'll skip that step and go for the sound you want.