Heres some pictures of the guitar.




I was wondering what some good pickups would be to slap in this baby. It has the standard 2 Telecaster pickups and then in the middle it has a Strat pickup (all of them are defaulted as Tex Mex Pickups). I was thinking about possibly the Duncan Hot Rails Pickups for the telecaster pickups and a Duncan Antiquity (i'll put pictures). I was just curious as to what you all think or some recommendations/advice for pickups in tele's and strats...

Here are the pickups i was talkin about:
Hot Rails - http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/seymour-duncan-hot-rails-for-tele-pickup-set/h68352000000000
Antiquity - http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/seymour-duncan-antiquity-for-strat-texas-hot-rw-rp-middle-position/h68345000000000
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hey hahah Rockpalace... Love that place! I'm dutch to btw but I bought a Telecaster Blackout (you could look it up on rockpalace too..) Very simillar so I'll stick but I think the hotrials will be great! cheers
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Thanks! Cheers from America! lol

HAHA Lol funny that that dutch site is the I guess number one google search dingie:P lol
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through what amp again?

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Correct me if im wrong...but from what i can tell, you spend WAY to much time on this site. You basically know my name, my brothers name, our ages, where we live and several other personal things about us. You also happen to know damn near everything i've ever said on any thread ever...you also tend to be a complete jackass/smartass/wanna-be-prick-know-it-all that has a tendency to shoot down anything i say on any thread with a random amp question ("Have you gotten that amp yet?"...."Theres no point in doing this if you havnt bought an amp"...."What you really need is a new amp")

I would assume that out of all the random bullshite you interrogate me for and remember me by...you would actually remember the amp i bought...sir i am disappointed and a little taken back

I hate all of you...my opinion is my own...take it or leave it
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well i would say you should try the guitar with your amp before you assume it needs new pick ups. call me crazy.

i don't know what your on about otherwise, in the 56 threads you've made in the past 3 months, mostly about "what amp", i've offered you a lot of good options. forgive me for missing your NAD thread, link?

anyway good luck with the tele.

edit: not shit either, 56 threads.
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hi bareknuckle pile drivers and a sinner for the middle.

btw your amp sucks hard. I'd grab a new amp before considering new pups.

also pups will only make an average guitar sound a little better.

why didn't you just save up and grab a better guitar with the money you would have spent on pups?

i would hardly call it a baby.
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Do you have any idea what you are even trying to accomplish by sticking new pickups in that guitar? I'm going to take that as a no judging by your choice of pickups.
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