Is it worth spending £500 on it? Need a change, the Line6 i have is just sounding vile now, need some affordable tube amp in my life, anybody got one? If so just drop me a few positives or negatives on it.

Not worth it. If anything, its just a bit better than your Line 6 ( I assume its one of them Spiders ).

Genre? Area? Max Budget? Current Gear?

GG&A *****s can help you out in picking a better one.
From what I've heard, it's a pretty lifeless amp. The MG of valve amps. I would save up a bit longer and just get a really good amp. You'll save so much money.

With guitar as a hobby, it's easy to loose reality. £500 is a lot of money outside of guitar. That's £500 towards a new amp in the future when you need to upgrade again. I've got sick of upgrading my gear so I just went for it and got my ultimate rig. It'll be bloody expensive but you'll definitely save money in the long run.

Just a thought.