I own a Red Witch Empress chorus. One of the best analogue chorus I've ever heard, and quite possibly one of the most versatile in terms of voicing.

My pedal board is quite complete IMO, and the RWE meets my chorus needs.

Unfortunately I have a minor case of GAS for a different chorus pedal, and I happen to be eying the TC E Corona Chorus for the fact that its (1) digital (I believe but correct me if I'm wrong) to add a little difference in chorus sounds.

Also (2) the TonePrint feature adds a lot in terms of different sounds.

So, is it worth it to have that difference in sound, and the availability of the TonePrint sounds?

I'm not really looking to fill a missing gap in my tone, just want a little difference in sound, and a little room to play with in terms of tonal difference.

Tell me what you think?

Tell me if there'll be a NPD for me tomorrow?
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