so i decided it would be fun to relic the crap out of a cheap Zellers electric guitar. Its was fun and it looks cool. i guess you could say i went to far when me and my friends threw large pebbles at it and played baseball with it. the idea was to make it look worn for fun and eventually repaint it and gloss it over. but that is basically not going to happen anymore since we slide the base back and forth on my driveway and threw it around. it actually looks better then you'd expect but its now irreversible. any other relic guitar stories? oh and i'm also working on a mod so that guitar has double output jacks, i don't know if anyone's done it before but it sounded fun.
just another thing, ?would plastering/bondo-ing the dents before repainting help?
Me and a friend got a cheap yamaha, did all the classic drag down the road/sandpaper stuff and decided to burn the headstock.. the tuners are slightly melted.. but it looks sexy!
Bondo is the usual thing to use for dent filling before paints
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